Enviroment Policiy
ALARGA ensure sustainable development , the products it produces and in all processes to minimize the negative environmental impact is committed to protecting the environment . ALARGA the entire scope of this study ;
Environmental Management System implementation , supervision , continuous improvement and sustained ,
Ratified international laws and regulations related to the environment , national laws / regulations and to comply with other obligations ,
Following technological developments to prevent environmental pollution , waste reduction at source , to recover as much as possible , non-recyclable waste disposal without harming the environment or , to move
Continually improving environmental performance to reduce the use of natural resources ,
Our environmental policy to our customers , our suppliers , our employees, to announce to all interested parties , to keep it open and interested parties to contribute to the creation of environmental awareness in the
To achieve environmental objectives and targets is committed to making periodic review .
ALARGA the use of hazardous substances in the products of a company. (European Union mandatory directive, REACH regulation, according to the textile production environment to prevent any damage to health, harmful substances ( chromium, lead, cadmium , etc. ..) products and product components that make up the amount of use is prohibited. )
For this purpose, alarga  site are carried out in accordance with the REACH regulation .Considering that it is hazardous for the country and humanity, an agreement has been concluded with a establishments holding a special license for its elimination